With the assistance of Julia Applegate, LuSter Singleton, and the Ohio History Connection, a historical marker was permanently placed in front of the location that once held Summit Station/Jack’s-A-Go-Go on June tenth, 2023. Julia and LuSter are collaborating to document the significant impact Summit had on its patrons and the community, recognizing the paramount importance of this queer safe space in their own lives. Their upcoming documentary will be titled Free Beer Tomorrow. To learn more about the project and how to support it, please visit:

Thanks to my connections with The Ohio State University, I had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Julia and LuSter during the summer leading up to the June tenth weekend. On June tenth, a historical marker was unveiled and permanently installed. Throughout that weekend, my team and I had the privilege of interviewing former patrons from the 70s, 80s, and 90s about their experiences at Summit. These interviews took place in one of The Ohio State University's mobile recording studios.

Given my previous research on lesbian bars in Columbus, I could not have been more thrilled to contribute to this project and eventually curate an exhibit to commemorate the legacy of Summit Station/Jack’s.

Alongside myself, I was assisted by three undergraduate students. I want to allow them to introduce themselves below:

  • Tristen: My pronouns are she/her, and I'm a 2nd-year student double majoring in journalism and women's gender and sexuality studies. I got connected with this project through Julia while she was teaching my Intro to Queer Studies class! As an avid lover of lesbians, I'm super grateful that I got to be a part of this historical project! 
  • Jess: Hi! I'm Jess (she/her/hers.) I'm an undergraduate student at OSU majoring in English and History of Art. It was personally really important to me to learn that Columbus has such a rich lesbian history as a younger lesbian. I hope this series inspires others to learn more about their history and maybe someday create a lesbian space of their own! 
  • David: My name is David (he/him) and I am an undergraduate student at OSU studying Molecular Biology. I am passionate about activism and local LGBTQ histories, so I was thrilled to get the chance to work with Julia after taking her Intro to Queer Studies class.

With their help, we were able to collect various interviews chock-full of local histories, queer resistance, and family. We also created various pieces of ephemera, such as flyers and social media carousels to advertise the event. 

I would like to also thank Dr. Mytheli Sreenivas and Dr. Leigh Bonds for their continued support of my research, guiding me through this process, and entrusting me with writing about such a historical bar to the city of Columbus :)

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