The Beginning: Early Stages as an Ad Hoc Committee 1970-1975

Women's Studies at The Ohio State University existed on campus long before it was ever formally recognized by the university. As a result of the Civil Rights Movement and the increased presence of women on campus, the need for classes dedicated to discussing women and women's issues was on the rise. There were scholarly interests in feminist instruction and research, as well as student demand for courses related to women's experiences and issues.  

Further, OSU had an already operating Office for Women's Services which encouraged women and feminism on campus. There were already initiatives to combat sexual assault, secure contraceptives and abortions, and dismantle gender expectations. For example, in 1972 the first annual Women's Week took place. The event taught women they could be more than a mother and tried to deconstruct socialized gender expectations many accepted as objective truths. The week also shared general tips about college life, trying to acclimate women to a new environment and culture with as many resources as possible.