It's On Us

Photograph of It's On Us members at the 2019 TBTN march 

The Ohio State University It’s On Us chapter is devoted to ending sexual violence in the community and empowering survivors of sexual violence. It’s On Us is a nationwide anti-sexual assault organization that was established in 2014 by the Obama-Biden White House.

Ella Lewie, the 2017-2018 campus organizer for It’s on Us, mentioned in The Social Change Podcast EP. 9 that It’s On Us was present on OSU’s campus during the beginning of the It’s On Us movement but it faded out. OSU’s It’s On Us chapter was reestablished in 2018 by Ella Lewie (Social Work major) through her role as the campus organizer. Lewie’s position is equivalent to the President's position in other student organizations. Nekyla Hawkins (Social Work major) also appears in The Social Change Podcast. Hawkins discusses her time as a 2018-2019 “Consent Captain” and her experience at the 2018 Take Back the Night march, which It's on Us helped organize. Hawkins would later become It's On Us 2019-2020 campus organizer. 

Aside from helping to organize the Take Back the Night march, OSU It’s On Us chapter hosted various other events to bring awareness to sexual assault and sexual violence. In 2019, It's On Us hosted a "Fall Action Week" where they facilitated different discussions around sexual violence. One highlight of OSU It’s On Us chapter’s work is their collaboration with the #MeToo chapter to advocate with the survivors of Dr. Strauss to get The Ohio State University to acknowledge the past wrongs that were committed and for the passage of H.B. 249. Additionally, OSU It’s On Us chapter worked to collaborate with other organizations, such as Take Back the Night OSU, Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness (SASHA), and the Multicultural Greek Council (MCGC).

Hawkins was succeeded by Sydney Green for the 2020-2021 school year.